The First Decentralized E-Commerce.
Made By The People. Used By The People.



No Service Fees

We eliminate those irritating service and credit card fees. 100% of the money goes directly between you and the party.


Escrow System

Have an issue with your order? Funds will not be distributed until all parties are happy. A moderator will take a look into the case and judge accordingly.


Fully Decentralized

Every bits of information will be stored across the network. No corporation or entity will hold control over your data.

Free Market For All. No Limitations.
Transaction Occuring


Reputation System

Trust who you are buying and selling from based off their ratings. Reviews will be mandatory for every order bought and sold.


Control Your Assets

Navigate through our elegant dashboard simplifying the way you manage your orders.


Cash Your Money

Bitcoin, Ethereum or Babel coins will be used for transactions. You will easily be able to transfer money to other services.

A Community Driven Project That Is Open Source.
Community Driven